Burning Truths: Paraffin Wax & The Not So Luxurious Candle

Growing up, our home was always filled with the scent of wild berries, warm apple, cinnamon, and vanilla pod scented candles that would sit on tabletops, window & bath ledges. There would be fruity citrus reeds and potpourri bowls located in every bedroom, living room, bathroom, and passageway. It was just the norm for us and something my mother took great pride in arranging, especially after a good ole house clean! Little did I know that these scents would represent the same feelings I would want for a home setting for my own family. 

As I eventually moved out of the family home and into my own space, the importance of establishing a sweet-smelling, blissful retreat of relaxation, became a ‘must-have’ on the monthly shopping agenda. I would purchase plug-ins and candles from every store selling a scent that appealed to my nostalgic paradise. Where candles and home fragrances were concerned, money was no object as my only objective would be to seek out the perfect, most luxurious fragrance with the longest possible burn time. 

It was only as I started to become frustrated by the black, soot-like residue around the ring of my most expensive, luxury candle glasses that I started to investigate the matter further. What I found, horrified me and my family to such a degree, that we knew we had to make radical changes around what we chose to enter our homes.


The truth behind paraffin wax fragranced candles

Fragranced candles made of paraffin wax (a by-product of petroleum) are known to emit carcinogenic soot, that includes 11 known toxins whilst burning! These candles contain some of the same soot found in diesel fuel, which is why it can stain your walls, sockets, and fabrics found in your home. 

My biggest fear was that I was silently poisoning mine and my son's lungs with carcinogens; cancerous causing toxins such as toluene, benzene & formaldehyde. I’d already become familiar with these toxic agents through the research I was conducting on other day-to-day food, home, and cosmetic products and knew the harmful damage it would be causing to our general health.

Burning paraffin candles was greatly contributing to the indoor air pollution within my own home and it needed to change. Despite, the obvious dangers, I was reluctant to completely eradicate the use of candles all together so knew that it was important to find ethical brands that would consider the whole process of candle making. An obvious choice was to ensure that the wax alternative would be plant-based, derived only from natural sources, and harvested in the most ethical and sustainable possible way.

Many candle manufacturers of both paraffin and natural wax candles knowingly still choose to use additives that are unhealthy to work with and also unhealthy to burn. Unfortunately, common additives used in candle manufacturing can still include chemical fragrances, boosters, colour and texture enhancers, UV inhibitors, and wax stabilizers which might make for a great smelling fragrance, but are all incredibly toxic to our bodies and the environment. It doesn't help that it's not a legal requirement for companies to detail the hazardous chemicals contained in the ingredients. 

This is why we love Arya Candles, a true luxury brand that considers both our health and the environment.


Why Arya Candles?

Created by mother and daughter duo, Lina & Jenny, Arya Candles is a truly natural home fragrance brand based in Suffolk, England.

Their vision is to make it easier for candle lovers to shop home fragrance consciously and ethically. With this in mind, they have created a socially responsible business, bringing nature into the home with 100% natural ingredients: No unknown chemicals, nothing synthetic, just pure natural fragrances.


Biodegradable: Using natural rapeseed wax means your Arya candle will burn longer than a paraffin candle and produce less soot! 

Natural: All Arya products are made using entirely natural ingredients, with every scent blend designed with only the best, high-quality essential oils.

Packed with love: All Arya products are wicked, poured, and packaged by hand.

Reusable & Sustainable: Each jar can be washed and repurposed.

Vegan: All Arya products are all vegan-friendly.


“Candles have the incredible power to bring comfort and sacredness into your home. We want our products to help you rest and unwind, to appreciate small moments, and to drift away in your thoughts as the beautiful fragrance evokes memories from the past. All whilst knowing that your purchase is making real change to the life of someone less fortunate.”

Lina & Jenny (Arya Candles)


More than just candlemakers!

By purchasing an Arya produced product, you're also sponsoring women from former war-torn countries through a 12-month programme, via Women for Women International. These women have experienced the devastating effects of war, and many have been exposed to violence. The year-long programme equips women to earn money, regain their confidence, and participate in their communities. She also learns a marketable skill such as bread-making or poultry-keeping, so she can turn her skill into a stable income, to support herself and her family. When women are educated, everyone in the community benefits. 

With all of this to consider, is there any wonder why MallyBoo recommends Arya Candles! Not only do they offer truly luxurious experiences through their candles, diffusers, and fragrances, but they have found a way to achieve it sustainably, whilst positively contributing to the lives of women from war-torn countries. 

If you're looking for a way to make better choices, perhaps consider changing the brands you're currently using in your home. Consider how they are affecting the environment and consider how the money you spend, can help to positively contribute to the lives of others.


Consider Arya Candles - available at www.mallyboo.co.uk 


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