For over 13 years, I have suffered with a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (basically severe body acne) Post childbirth, I struggled with severe acne that pushed my confidence into an all time low. 

After years of both free and paid for treatments, testing, probing and failed doctors recommendations, I finally took my skin, health, food and fitness levels into my own hands and began desperately researching the natural, organic benefits of compounds. I radically changed my lifestyle and started my own home laboratory in the kitchen; initially experimenting with homemade essential oils and candles before venturing into the use of fruit, veg and other cupboard essentials to create face masks, scrubs, soaps and lotions.

Being a newly assigned full time, single mum and with a separate full time corporate position, I needed a way to claim my life, face, skin, body, nails, hair and confidence back - without all the extra added chemicals and marketing 'blah' from the typical established brands or a face full of make-up!

My numerous visits to skin specialists, with packed waiting rooms and hours of waiting before being seen, made me realise I really wasn't alone in the struggle and so was born; an all inclusive platform offering the very best in natural, organic, vegan and wherever possible, handmade products to help others like myself to reclaim busy lives, whilst doing the best to preserve the Earth that provides for us! Our platform is a place for alternative, inspiring health, skin, hair, nails and lifestyle products, for both men and women - encouraging a positive, ethical, sustainable well being without all the extra stuff!

So get comfortable and feel free to take a look around and explore a range of natural, organic and vegan brands that will leave you feeling guilt-free and restored to the healthiest most beautiful version of you!

With love, from Mallyboo x