Bath Mallows Gifset (Set of 12)


A set of 12 beautiful bath treats. Our beautiful hand-made bath mallows contain just enough cocoa and shea butter to fill a bath with rich, nourishing, creamy and moisturizing luxurious goodness.

These are simply the easiest, most convenient, and fun way to enjoy natural essential oils and aromatherapy in everyday life. Simply drop one into the bath and relax as it gently fizzes and melts, each creating a luxurious but different aroma.

This set will always contain twelve different and lovely bath mallows from our range, we can’t always guarantee an exact duplicate of the image as some go out of stock but we can guarantee all will be unique and all from the best sellers with a mix of wonderful colors and aromas.

The set can be given as a luxury gift or as they are wrapped individually, can be split up and given out as individual gifts while keeping some for yourself.



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