Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 100% Pure


Steam distilled from the wood of the cedar tree and 100% pure, cedarwood essential oil offers an enchanting fragrance; sweet and woody for feelings of calm and comfort.


This base note oil is well known for creating a meditative and tranquil ambiance. Harvested from the oil rich wood of the evergreen cedar tree, cedar essential oil is spicy and aromatic blending sweetly with rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus to name but a few.

Cedarwood originates from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa and has been used for a range of medicinal purposes over centuries.

The oil was widely used by the ancient Egyptians during the embalming process and also for perfumery and cosmetics. Cedar oil is still used today by Tibetan Buddhist monks as an aid to meditation.

Botanical name Cedarus atlantica
Plant part Wood
Extraction method Steam distilled
Note Base
Strength of aroma Medium to Strong
Consistency Medium
Origin USA
Colour Light golden yellow
Aromatic scent Cedarwood Atlas has a woody, sweet, slight aroma.

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