Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 100% Pure


One hundred percent pure cinnamon leaf essential oil traditionally used for massage and by aromatherapists. Its warm, spicy medium tone aroma blends beautifully with other spice oils. Did you know that cinnamon leaf oil is also a key ingredient in love potions?


Harvested in Sri Lanka from the evergreen leaves of the cinnamon tree and carefully steam distilled, this pure cinnamon leaf oil is well-known for warming aromatic scent.

Historically, the bark of the cinnamon tree was used medicinally by the ancient Chinese. In more recent times, the spice has become a key ingredient in mulled wines and other festive products as well as sweet and savoury food and drinks.

It’s distinct scent makes cinnamon oil popular among those making home made candles and beauty products, whilst it is commonly used in aromatherapy for a host of benefits.


Botanical name Cinnamomum zeylancium
Plant part Leaves
Extraction method Steam distilled
Note Middle
Strength of aroma Medium
Consistency Thin to Medium
Colour Golden Brown

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