Colourful Sliced Soap Gift Set (12 Slices)


A set of twelve beautiful and fun handmade soap slices. Our sliced soaps contain a vegetable based glycerin meaning they are suitable for vegetarians but also makes them mild with a neutral PH for a gentle cleanse.

Each bar is a fun and quirky alternative to everyday soap that also contains natural essential oils to really benefit your skin and alter or enhance your mood.

This set will always contain twelve different and lovely soap slices which are all individually wrapped, we can’t always guarantee an exact duplicate of the image as some go out of stock but we can guarantee all will be unique and all from the best sellers with a great mix of wonderful colours and aromas that make wonderful bathroom decorations as well as to be used.

They are ideal for kids or adults alike and the whole lot can be given as a luxury gift set or as they are wrapped individually it can be split up and given out as individual gifts while keeping some for yourself. Alternatively they can all be kept for your own indulgence and we won’t tell anyone.

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