Dreadlocks Bamboo Comb



RAW ROOTs Bamboo Comb is a durable Comb with metal teeth.
It has a nice wooden handle that makes it possible to hold in many ways when backcombing the hair.


DreadLab is a small business based in Lincoln, England.


After having dreadlocks for many years - I struggled to find exciting and new hair care and maintenance products to try. I didn't want to pay expensive shipping costs from all around the world.


I couldn't find anywhere that had brought all of the great dreadlocks brands together and at affordable prices. So I decided I'd do it myself and started DreadLab.


We source dreadlocks hair care and maintenance products from all around the world to deliver a comprehensive dreadlocks experience like no other!

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service at affordable prices.


We have been in business since the start of 2015 and continue to offer more exciting products regularly.




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