Wax Melts Snap Bars - Triple Scented Eco Soy Tarts


Wax Melt Snap Bars

All our wax melts bars are triple scented and filled with the maximum fragrance load the wax can hold, infused with either fragrance oil or essential oils or both. 

Our wax melts are made with a high quality eco soy wax so do not give off any black soot like paraffin wax melts can do. Other benefits of soy wax are that they are not tested on animals or contain no animal products.

Each bar weighs approx 60g or more with a 50+ hour burn time.

You can use these wax bars in your oil burners by simply breaking the bar up and placing the squares in the dry burner and lighting an unscented tea light below. Please ensure your burner is dry and do not add any other substances like water to the wax.

Due to the nature of the product, with it being a snap bar they might chip / break in transit, this will not affect product quality, and will burn exactly the same. Please do not buy if this is a problem.

Colour of wax is for reference only we can change this at anytime depending on the crafter who makes this in house. We go from the product for best colour to suit.


CPL Compliant - safety & warnings provided.

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