Grapefruit Botanical Balm (30ml)


 Uplifting and Revitalising Moisturiser


Professional Strength, 60ml

Grapefruit is known for its refreshing properties and vitamin C anti-oxidant levels.

Suitable for skin requiring moisture and prone to occasional breakouts.

  • Apply small amount to face neck and body as a moisturiser
  • Product can be applied on top of our skin serums
  • Use at night or morning / night, depending on your skin’s requirement
  • Use a small amount and lightly massage into the skin

Ingredients: Shea butter, Argan Oil, Citrus Paradisii


Warning: Always patch test before using.

Product contains natural occurring chemicals, Limonene, Geraniol and Linalool. Argan oil comes from cold pressed Argan Almonds Nuts.

Please seek medical advice for children, during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition. In case of reaction, rinse with lots of water and seek medical advice.

Store in cool, dark place.

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