Heavy Duty Beard Balm (45g) Medium Hold, Original Scent


Heavy Duty - All-Natural Beard Styling Aid and Conditioner. Beard Balm makes beards happy. Good for your face, good for the earth, quality-controlled and endurance tested on real beards.


Let's face it, sometimes your beard just won't cooperate. Heavy Duty will teach all those radical whiskers to step back into line. Reformulated with all the high quality ingredients of our original Beard Balm, this stuff offers that extra hold to keep your scruff under control, while maintaining your beard's natural look and soft feel. It won't harden like a mustache wax, in fact it will make your beard softer than ever! Use it on its own, or just on those occasional bad beard days.

But what is Beard Balm?

Beard Balm is what you need to grow a beard. This all-natural, leave-in conditioner is perfectly formulated to stop split ends, tangles, broken hairs and dry, flaky skin while bringing out the natural beauty of your beard. It works for all varieties of beard hairs and is great for every length and stage of growth. If you want a naturally lustrous beard without all the struggle of other products, you need Beard Balm.

Beard Balm went through years of product testing on real beards before it was brought to the market. No animals were harmed during the development of Beard Balm.

Beard Balm combines grape seed and coconut oils with lanolin and beeswax, creating a soft, easy-to-use, long-lasting moisturiser that provides a touch of sculptibility to any style of facial hair. Beard Balm added the essential oils of lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf, and geranium flower, three oils that promote hair and follicle health.

Because they don't use any artificial ingredients, the aroma of Beard Balm will meld with your natural odors and create a scent that the wearer will disregard shortly after application. Of course, anyone who gets close enough will be delighted with the smell of your beard.

Beard Balm's high quality ingredients come from sources that benefit local farmers and growers, and minimise environmental impact. The grape seed oil, lanolin and beeswax are happy eventualities of other industries (wine-making, wool-making and pollination) and their coconut oil is 100% certified organic and fair trade.

Why not try out Beard Balms new unscented Naked Beard Balm.

Warning: May cause excessive beard.

About Beard Balm

Beard Balm is an all-natural leave-in conditioner for all types of beards and facial hair. Made in Detroit, Beard balm conditions the hairs and skin beneath the beard, eliminates split ends and also adds a lustrous finish to facial hair for a polished look.


Coconut Oil (source: Sri Lanka. Organic, Fair Trade for Life), Lanolin (source: USA), Grape seed oil (source: Italy), Beeswax (source: USA), Lemon Oil (source: Italy), Eucalyptus Oil (source: China), Geranium oil (source: Egypt).

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