Heavy Duty Naked Beard Balm (45g) (Medium Hold, Original Scent)


Heavy Duty Naked - All-Natural Fragrance-Free Beard Styling Aid and Conditioner. Unscented Naked Beard Balm makes beards, skin and lips happy. All purpose balm conditioner. Gives all-natural soft and smooth feel to hair.

  • No Fragrance Added!
  • Keep those radical whiskers under control! Say goodbye to bad beard days
  • Does not harden like a wax, your whiskers will feel softer than ever!
  • Amazing conditioning properties, great for your skin!
  • Ideal for longer, wilder beards. Best for beard growing veterans

Let's face it, sometimes your beard just won't cooperate. And if you have a sensitive nose, Heavy Duty Naked will teach all those radical whiskers to step back into line. Reformulated with all the high quality ingredients of the original Naked, this stuff offers that extra hold to keep your scruff under control, while maintaining your beard's natural look and soft feel. It won't harden like a mustache wax, in fact it will make your beard softer than ever! Use it on its own, or just on those occasional bad beard days. No Fragrance added.

This perfectly balanced blend of Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Lanolin and Beeswax is a general purpose leave-on conditioner suitable for a variety of uses.

There are no added fragrances in Naked and the resulting aroma is a subtle mixture of coconut and honey. As there is no water in this product, a little goes a long way.

Natural restorative effect. Repairs cracked skin. Works on lips. Repairs hairs.

Packaged in a sturdy tin, you can take it with you or leave it at home.

Why not try the original Beard Balm too!


About Beard Balm?

Beard Balm is an all-natural leave-in conditioner for all types of beards and facial hair. Made in Detroit, Beard balm conditions the hairs and skin beneath the beard, eliminates split ends and also adds a lustrous finish to facial hair for a polished look.


Directions for use

Melt a small amount between your fingertips and work into affected areas. A little goes a long way-if it's too greasy, use less.

The Beard Balm Easy Beard System:

Step 1. Stop Shaving
Step 2. Apply Beard Balm
Step 3. Awesome Beard



Coconut Oil (source: Sri Lanka, Fair Trade for Life), Lanolin (source: USA), Grape seed oil (source: Italy), Beeswax (source: USA)

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