Scented Soy Wax Melts (Various Scents Available)


Handmade highly scented wax melt bars made from soy wax in a chocolate bar shape.

Your melts will come back in a little recyclable bag sealed with a sticker and a sprinkling of love. Due to the nature of the product, rarely the bars might chip in transit, this will not affect product quality, but please do not order if this is a problem. 

Each pack weighs approximately 50 grams per bar measuring 4cm x 11cm and 1.5cm deep. They're exactly like a chocolate bars with handy squares for you to snap and pop a couple of squares into your tea light burner.



Whether you are wanting to feel relaxed, refreshed, energised or invigorated these wax melt bars are perfect for you. 

They are all handmade to order with 100% eco soy wax using high quality paraben free fragrance oil. Eco soy wax contains no paraffin and is made from soya bean oil, they are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

You use these melt bars in your tea light burners by simply placing a couple of cubes in the dry burner and lighting an unscented tea light below. Please ensure your burner is dry and do not add any other substances like water to the wax. 

The fragrance is released when the wax melts. The burn time depends on the quantity used and on fragrance selected and depending on the environment in which they are used.


**Please note, the heat from electric burners varies wildly and occasionally natural soy wax won't melt or throw the scent very well. We cannot guarantee compatibility with electric burners, so please do not buy if you are using an electric burner.**

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