Illuminism Pomegranate Butter


1 Jar – Illuminism Pomegranate Hair Vitamin Balm 100ml

Illuminism is a precious, soft white oil that has been formulated exclusively for natural and processed, afro hair types.This nutrient dense, herb infused butter, detoxes, invigorates and energizes the hair from root to tip designed for those on a their personal hair growth journey. Illuminism is a concentration of naturally occurring plant based antioxidants and minerals with added Vitamin E An excellent preparation under wigs and weaves and braids to soothe and relieve itching scalps formulated to encourage hair growth.

A light weight nutrient dense hair food to help heal strengthen and grow hair. Excellent to help seal in moisture for afro and dense curly hair types. 

Rich in vitamin E, trace minerals and omega fatty acids. Suitable for both scalp and hair application. Excellent under wig and weave preparations. Refreshing and anti fungal rosemary and peppermint essential oil fragrance. Contains beeswax. 


Consumer trials report:


  • Accelerated hair growth rate
  • Reduced breakage
  • Decreased dandruff
  • Increased length retention


Supports: Moisture retention, growth and appearance

Vegetarian | Cruelty-free | Gluten free


Directions for use

Apply sparingly, directly to the scalp and/or hair length as and when needed.


Grapeseed Oil is used by SuperFoodLx in combination with other nutrient rich oils to create a unique recipe to aid the acceleration of strong hair growth. Our source of grapeseed oil is rich in; antioxidants, minerals, vitamins A, B and E and Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids. The grapeseed oil used by SuperFoodLx is pressed from the seed of Vitis vinifera grapes, a by-product of winemaking. Because the seeds are a by-product of another industry, it has a lower environmental impact.

Grapeseed oil has been used for centuries for beauty purposes and the medicinal value of grapes has been proclaimed for thousands of years. Grapes have powerful healing qualities and their oil benefits hair greatly.

Squalane is a superstar antioxidant that helps to protect the hair and scalp from free-radical damage much like other high end anti-aging products. It is for this reason that ILLUMINISM works so well on softening grey hair which can change in texture when pigment is lost. Our choice of squalane comes from olives unlike other animal derivatives. We are cruelty free and know that what comes straight from the earth is best.

Pomegranate oil contains punicic acid, which revitalizes dull strands and increases flexibility

Peppermint: stimulates hairgrowth

Rosemary oil is an ideal addition to a hair care product because it stimulates the hair follicles. High in iron, calcium, and vitamin B, the oil acts as an anti-aging agent, helps boost color, shine, thickness, and prevents hair loss

Safflower A beautiful british super plant which is packed full of vitamin E and omega fatty acids

Shea Butter is a creamy naturally occurring fat full of healing plant sterols and vitamins A and E obtained from the nuts of the Shea tree in central Africa.

Castor Oil is a mineral rich hair protectant which is incredibly popular in the Caribbean known for softening and growing hair.



vitis vinfera (grape seed oil), cera alba (bees wax), cocos nucifera, butyrospermum parkii*, ricinus communis seed (castor oil), rosmarinus officinalis*, mentha piperita*, punica granatum* (pomegranate seed oil), tocopherol (vitamin E)

*certified organic ingredients
Caution: Avoid getting into eyes. Not intended for internal use.

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