Gentleman Fine & Coarse Tooth Beard Comb


Anti-static, Perfect for use with Balms and Oils

Top Pocket Comb for Beards & Moustaches

Use with confidence from knowing your beard is looking glorious and tangle free. Great as a moustache comb too!

Natural wood is anti-static Gentleman Fine & Coarse Teeth which dramatically reduces snagging and damaging beard hairs. Prevent ingrown hairs by training the hairs to grow in the right direction. Evenly distribute oil throughout your beard so ensure perfect coverage. Adds appearance of fuller beard while still having hairs lying in one direction Shaping to your desired styling preference. This comb has double sides Fine & Coarse Teeth which is designed to really comb and un-knit your beard which is more suitable for styling your beard.

Your Beard is perfectly styled and shaped by using the comb and contributes to your well-groomed appearance regardless of whether you are using beard gels or not. Since each beard has a different structure, it is important that the teeth of your comb are aligned to your personal needs.

However, you do not need a comb set, because our comb is double sided with different thickness in the teeth, which allow hair-combing and styling.

It can be used for the beard, but also for your moustache. 

Will Not Snag Hair Like Plastic Comb & No Static.

Natural Wood Aromatic Smell.


Smooth, Comfortable and High quality.


A great gift for all occasions.

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