Myrrh Essential Oil 100% Pure


Wild-crafted from the resin of the African myrrh tree, our myrrh essential oil is steam distilled for its purest essence.



Myrrh essential oil has a middle note fragrance and medium strength aroma recognized by its warm, rich, spicy, and aromatic scent with balsamic undertones. It blends particularly well with frankincense, lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, tea tree and thyme.

The African myrrh tree can grow up to ten metres in height, the trunk exuding a natural oleoresin that hardens into reddish-brown tears and contains the essence of the oil. Resin collectors often make incisions into the tree to increase the yield.

Myrrh oil is included in skincare and perfumery, its calming and intricate aroma said to deeply enhance the spiritual experiences of yoga and meditation practice.

Myrrh oil also possesses moisturizing properties; a few drops added to your shampoo for a truly luxurious shower.


Cautions: Myrrh Essential Oil can be possibly toxic in high concentrations, and should not be used during pregnancy.

Usage Directions: Since this essential oil has a slightly thick consistency, We would recommend placing the bottle in a very hot water bath, changing the water frequently, and once it is back to the liquid state be sure to shake before use.


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