Healthy Hair Bamboo Comb Set (16 Pieces 4x4 Different Combs)


BAMBOO COMB: Bamboo is an Ecologically Clean, Rapidly Renewable Resource

ROUNDED TEETH: Provide a nice scalp Massage and the hair and scalp are efficiently protected when combing

DESIGN: combination of haircare and scalp with the idea of ??environmental sustainability


The extensive range of products from the brand OLIVIA GARDEN stands for premium quality and innovation, making it indispensable to any salon around the world. Founded in Belgium by Jean und Cathy Rennette in 1968, the company can now look back on decades of international success. Hairdressers who value professional tools with top-quality performance that are comfortable to use cannot do without OLIVIA GARDEN. Again and again, hairdressers are excited by the variety and innovation of the individual products.

These high-class products stand out due to their exquisite design as well as the highest quality of materials and workmanship. OLIVIA GARDEN has also successfully addressed the issue of sustainability and environmental/climate protection in the salon and developed the Healthy Hair Collection of brushes and combs with the familiar quality of OLIVIA GARDEN that are also made of up to 100% real natural materials such as bamboo, the climate-friendly alternative to wood.

The purchase of each Healthy Hair product is thereby also a contribution to environmental and climate protection. The Olivia Garden Pocket Comb Healthy Hair Bamboo is a handy, pocket comb with anti-static effect. The comb is made from 100% bamboo, the climate-friendly and less expensive alternative to wood.

Box Contains

4 x Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Bamboo Comb, Type 1
4 x Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Bamboo Comb, Type 2
4 x Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Bamboo Comb, Type 3
4 x Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Bamboo Comb, Type 4

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